Is Your Event Ready for Gen Z?

Born between the late 1990s and early 2010s, the oldest members of Gen Z are now in their early 20s, graduating from college, and starting to enter the workforce. While event marketers have long considered how to reach and engage millennials, they’ll soon be turning their attention to this new demographic. mdg Account Manager ChristineRead More

Why “Agile” Is All the Buzz in Event Marketing

Real-time data analysis has become the driving force in digital event marketing, making it more important than ever to remain “agile” in your approach. On the eve of the annual Exhibition and Convention Executives Forum, mdg assembled a panel of experts and industry leaders to discuss real-world examples of how agility breeds success in theRead More

Why a year-round, global approach to digital is the new norm

With the marketing technology landscape in flux and new digital tools and tactics appearing seemingly every day, keeping up with the latest trends can seem like a full-time job for event marketers. Whether it’s connecting with emerging markets, or learning how to maximize the data you capture from attendees, it has never been more importantRead More

Stretch Your Content Further

The event industry is no stranger to content marketing. It’s the nature of our business and therefore not surprising that savvy event organizers are using it for lead generation, engagement and retention objectives. From teasing event-based, new product launches to utilizing session content beyond the show, content marketing can lead to improved SEO, heightened brandRead More

Is Over-Segmentation Hurting Your Marketing?

There are several different ways to approach segmentation, making it important to determine meaningful groups into which to divide your database. This could be based on individual characteristics like geographical location or attendance history. Alternately, you can segment based on targeted messaging when you desire to speak to audiences differently like special offers for pastRead More

Less Is More, Even in Email Marketing

Email once dominated the world of event marketing, but crowded inboxes and an increasingly savvy pool of recipients have led many marketers to see diminishing engagement across their email campaigns. With the rise of new digital marketing strategies and the complexities introduced by the General Data Protection Regulation (the infamous GDPR), is it still worthRead More

Increasing International Attendance through Digital Marketing

Over the past several years U.S. market conditions including consolidation, a changing regulatory environment and other economic factors have impacted attendance at many trade shows and conferences. As a result, some organizers have begun investing more in international marketing as a way to achieve sustained growth for their domestic events. mdg’s International Digital Marketing SpecialistRead More

Tackling the Digital Transformation for Event Marketers

When it comes to managing digital resources for trade shows and events, there is no one size fits all solution. That was one of the recurring themes from a pre-ECEF panel discussion focusing on common issues arising from the digital transformation. The ever-changing media landscape, including digital tools, teams, and processes, was discussed by …Read More

What Event Marketers Should Know About GDPR

Do you have to abide by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) if your event isn’t based in the European Union? The short answer is, “maybe.” The EU has 750 million citizens and finite resources, making the likelihood small that your event campaign will be investigated and/or prosecuted for a minor perceived infraction. That said, ifRead More

Orchestrating a Seamless Prospect Experience

In today’s integrated media landscape an intelligent, omni-channel marketing campaign is critical to ensuring that your tactics are strategically in tune. Here’s our advice for getting your instruments playing in perfect harmony: Step one: Begin your composition An effective omni-channel campaign begins well before you deploy your first tactic. A solid understanding of the big-pictureRead More

Let’s Get Digital!

Direct mail isn’t dead. Yet. Savvy event marketers are, however, anticipating and preparing for the moment the direct mail death knell finally rings. As attendee demographics change, the way prospects are identified and nurtured through the buying cycle must also change. As mdg’s director of social + digital, I often guide trade show marketers through the conversion from print to digital, typically with dramatic results.

What did UXpect?

UX, short for user experience, is up there with SEO/SEM and responsive design as one of the trendiest web-related terms in the marketing world. And why not? Good marketing focuses on a specific audience’s wants and needs; UX brings that philosophy to bear online, tapping into the hidden preferences site visitors demonstrate. But with any new wave of information comes misinformation, especially when it relates to a topic as capricious as the internet. Check your expectations about UX against this list of common misconceptions.

Location, Location, Location

A phrase once monopolized by the real estate industry is becoming the new mantra for marketing professionals worldwide. And it’s all thanks to that little smart device in your pocket. We take it with us wherever we go, and many of us gladly share our location data through the various apps we use—data that marketers can use to serve relevant messages to prospective attendees in real time.

What’s on the Menu?

A poorly organized event or association website impedes visitors, wasting their time and increasing the chance they leave without registering, joining or otherwise consuming the content for which they’re hungry. The art and science of website organization is called information architecture (IA), and it’s one of the most important elements of a site build orRead More

Getting Your Data Ducks in a Row

Database marketing is the art and science of taking individuals, grouping them based upon common characteristics and speaking to them with language that feels personalized. It’s getting the right messages to the right people at the right time.

8 Tips for Kicking Off Your Website Redesign

Website redesign projects are infamous for “scope creep.” The key to keeping things on track? Preparation! With a thorough discovery process, you can help ensure your site comes in on time and under budget.