vice president

Leana Salamah

Growing up, Leana’s passion was theater. With an uncanny ability to get into the heads of diverse personalities and identify their motivations, she seamlessly inhabited characters ranging from Sandra Dee to Lady Macbeth. Today, the skill to identify with various personas fuels her marketing career and helps her quickly and intuitively recognize audience attitudes and needs and develop persuasive brand positioning and messaging to drive demand.

Leana’s formative years were spent at award-winning Chicago B2B agencies. Following a brief foray into “client side” marketing, during which time she oversaw successful marketing and content development for the National Restaurant Association’s annual event, Leana rejoins the agency world with the perspective and insight to become an effective extension of any internal marketing department. Armed with a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications, a passion for data-driven creativity (wait, what?), and a voracious appetite for research and target audience relevancy, she seamlessly integrates strategy, tactics and execution that deliver results.

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