Last month, MDG collectively performed 31 random acts of kindness (one for every day of the month) as a way to start the new year off on the right foot. Here’s a small sampling for the good deeds performed by our employees, clients and friends…

Claudia gave small gift bags to airport employees during her holiday travels.

Andrew honored the men and women in the Armed Forces by laying wreaths at the Arlington National Cemetery.

Kacia donated dog food to her local animal shelter.

Lisa Prats donated clothing to a non profit that prepares low-income women for re-entering the job market.

Brad Williams of NPE volunteered at a local homeless shelter.

Elaine made a home-cooked meal for 15 temporarily displaced people who were sheltering at her church.

Kellie Shevlin gave a school nurse flowers and spa gift certificate to thank her for keeping kids safe and healthy.

Vinnie cleared snow off cars parked in front of and behind him.

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