The always-dynamic marketing side of trade shows is undergoing massive changes, and Trade Show Executive (TSE) is launching a new column devoted to this fluid and freewheeling topic.

A “News You Can Use” column will debut in the January issue of TSE as a co-operative venture with mdg (Marketing Design Group), the top public relations and marketing agency in the exhibitions industry. “Each article will cover marketing, public relations and branding as it relates to an event professional,” said TSE Managing Editor Gabrielle Weiss. “We are excited to be working with mdg and we look forward to sharing their insights and expertise with our equally talented and savvy subscribers.”

The column will be an easy-to-use resource for show organizers looking for the best ways to appeal to senior decision makers and the enigmatic Millennial generation. There will be marketing-oriented coverage of industry events and interviews with innovative leaders in the marketing field.  Some of the subjects that will appear in the coming months include social media and managing UI/UX, which is marketing shorthand for User Interface/User Experience.

The actual content will be supervised by Talia Franco, the Washington-based project manager for mdg. Franco reports to mdg President Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes and Principal Vincent Polito, both of whom have become familiar faces within the industry over the years. The pair are frequent speakers at industry events and were co-chairs of this year’s CEIR Project conference.

This new column will definitely shed new light on the ideas and best practices that are driving the marketing world.

Reach Gabrielle Weiss at (312) 493-7753 or; Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes at (619) 261-9580 or kimberly@marketingdesigngroup. com; Talia Franco at (202) 715-1785 or