ARLINGTON, VA—August 8, 2014—Professionals responsible for many of the largest exhibitions in the nation will unite at the Large Show Roundtable (LSR) in Washington, D.C. on August 21, 2014 to learn more about attracting high-caliber attendees through the use of personalized marketing efforts.

Shauna Peters, account strategist, and Kimberly “KC” Coerr, vip program manager, from mdg, will lead the discussion “Because One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Integrating a Personalized Marketing Program into Your Next Trade Show Campaign.” The event-marketing professionals will provide strategies and tactics for successfully retaining attendees, growing an audience and attracting high-caliber buyers though a personalized attendee “sales” approach. From hiring and building the right attendee relations team to setting measurable objectives, identifying partners, building lists and measuring results, LSR attendees will get at least five innovative ideas for developing a personalized marketing approach for large shows.

Sam Lippman, President of Lippman Connects and producer of the Large Show Roundtable, said, “Over its 38 year history, mdg has achieved remarkable success in all aspects of attendance building for a growing number of event producers. Shauna and KC will share case studies and best and next practices that address the growing trend towards a more personalized approach to audience acquisition.”

Shauna Peters added, “While developments in technology are certainly helping to facilitate a more personalized marketing approach, we’ve been augmenting these efforts with attendee “sales” initiatives over the past couple of years at mdg. We’ve seen a lot of success, especially with events where quality is more important than quantity, and are excited to share our lessons learned with industry peers.”

The Large Show Roundtable is held three times a year and is open only to professionals who have executive, marketing, sales or programing responsibility for an event with 125,000 or more net square feet of exhibition space.