mdg Launches Video Marketing Division

Association and event professionals are forever in search of innovative ways to attract members, drive attendance and otherwise engage their audiences. Over the past decade, mdg has built up its suite of services to respond to these demands, incorporating new tools, technologies and tactics that are effective at getting noticed and compelling action. The agency’s newest offering, video marketing, was launched to fill an existing gap in the marketplace and to provide clients with a powerful means of communicating a brand story, explaining a value proposition and deepening relationships with prospective and current members or event participants.

According to mdg President Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes, “Given the experiential nature of trade shows and conferences, it makes perfect sense that video marketing is the fastest-growing online format for event promotion. Video allows us to better engage the senses of our prospects and tell stories that will entertain, educate, nurture and ultimately drive attendance.”

Hardcastle-Geddes went on to explain the difference between the services being offered by her firm and others in the event space, stating, “While other service providers are focused on creating and distributing news that originates onsite, our focus will be on the pre-event promotional campaigns that will drive attendance and exhibitor participation for the next edition of the show. Currently, many event organizers are relying on vendors who don’t really understand how to tell those stories, or simply don’t know how to get beyond the 60-to-90-second sizzle reel.”

mdg announced its expanded presence in the space, aptly, through a promotional video created in conjunction with its production partner, Taste Media Group. Specifically, agency services include videos aimed at attendee, exhibitor and membership acquisition; content-driven videos that can be used in lead-generational campaigns; live-streaming videos; and more. Formats vary from live action to motion graphics. Delivery methods range from social media and digital ads to email. And content utilizes a mix of education, humor, emotional appeals and more.

Vincent Polito, agency principal and live events specialist, states, “Video is fully past the ‘up-and-coming’ classification and is here to stay. We’ve been using video marketing to improve website SEO; to facilitate social sharing; to boost click-through rates; to more effectively move prospects through the path-to-purchase funnel; and, ultimately, to increase conversions. We’ve built up a portfolio of success stories and are now excited announce our presence as a serious player in this space.”