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mdg develops strategic marketing plans and tactical components that build awareness, increase engagement, generate a positive brand association, re-envision content or concepts, prompt further consideration, drive visitors back to websites and, ultimately, convert prospects into attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, members or brand loyalists. Using performance modeling, journey mapping, agile methodologies and a fully-integrated approach, we blend paid media, SEM, data, automation and the best practices in UI/UX to move prospects from awareness to conversion.

our approach

Our content strategy framework consists of 5 components:

  • 1

    In addition to reviewing your current content strategy and where gaps, exist, we’ll define specific outputs around which the overall framework will be built. From keeping event audiences “warm” throughout the show cycle to increasing member engagement to other attendance, sales and/or retention goals, your plan will be crafted to achieve results.

  • 2
    Buyer Journey

    We’ll identify and define the types of content that your audiences will be looking for at the various stages of the buyer journey – from awareness through conversion. We’ve found that even great messaging can be misaligned – translating into wasted efforts and, more importantly, budget dollars.

  • 3
    Persona Development

    Personas are composite character sketches of audience segments based on validated commonalities. Defining personas helps us understand how content, content formats and emotional appeals might make our audiences more receptive to the content we share.

  • 4
    Competitive Review

    Our competitive review focuses both on direct competitors, e.g., other events or associations in your space, and indirect competitors, e.g., media outlets that serve similar audiences, as a way of identifying gaps and opportunities.

  • 5
    Listening and Performance Testing

    How will we know if our content marketing strategy is resonating? Through listening, performance testing and a constant review of analytics. Our team uses the Agile methodology to quickly pivot from initiatives that aren’t working and double down on those that are.

thought leadership

8 Ways to Build Event Awareness with Content

Before prospects will consider attending an event, they must first know it exists. Event marketers looking to grow their databases, build awareness, keep audiences engaged, and ultimately increase attendance should consider the following top-of-funnel ideas for creating and optimizing content.

client testimonial

mdg’s approach to auditing our content and identifying gaps – along with existing audience persona data – was instrumental in our seeing higher levels of engagement with our email campaigns for our 2020 show.

Michelle Kelly, Senior Vice President, Content Development & Marketing NAB

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