Event Strategy & Marketing

The cyclical nature of events evokes a temptation to start thinking about tactics, timelines and costs in relation to what’s been done in the past. The pandemic changed everything, though – the media landscape, the reliability of databases and the needs, wants and concerns of our audiences. mdg is adept at finding solutions that generate response and build participation. Our dedicated team works with clients to thoughtfully and creatively develop event solutions, from strategic planning to performance modeling to tactical execution. Our core competency lies in the ability to seize new opportunities, and execute in a way that achieves positive, measurable outcomes.

how do we do that?

From launching new events to rebranding and repositioning mature ones, mdg works with clients to increase attendance by:

  • Attracting Participants

    (domestic and international) from core and niche markets

  • Reengaging Lapsed Participants
  • Encouraging Organizations

    to send multiple team members

  • Drawing VIP Attendees and Influencers

    through targeted initiatives

  • Capitalizing on Other Unique Opportunities

    that may exist in their respective industries/professions

Our 100+-person team of marketing strategists, live and virtual event experts, and specialists in areas such as branding, audience acquisition, design, messaging, digital and interactive media allows us to offer integrated solutions that deliver results.

thought leadership

Why A Growth Mindset is Essential for Event Marketers

Psychologist Carol Dweck coined the terms “fixed mindset” and “growth mindset” to describe the underlying beliefs people have about learning and intelligence. In short, someone with a growth mindset thrives on challenges, exercises intellectual curiosity and views failure as a springboard for growth and development. Event marketers with a growth mindset experiment with new ways to serve their audiences, collaborate with their remote teammates and generate revenue for their organizations. How can event marketers continue learning, innovating, experimenting and moving boldly into the future?

case study


Held triennially, the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) is the largest trade show in the country for the grain-based foods industry. The event is managed by a volunteer committee made up of representatives from three sponsoring associations: the American Bakers Association, the Bakery Equipment Manufacturers and Allieds and the Retail Bakers of America. IBIE operates in a crowded marketplace with several niche competitors. Unfortunately, due to industry consolidation and a prolonged recession, the marketplace had seen a decline before mdg was engaged. 

Initially, mdg expanded the core audience through two primary strategies: identifying and targeting four new niche markets and identifying and targeting non-domestic wholesale bakers. After determining the ancillary and international markets that had the most potential based on food consumption trends and statistics, market size, market value, market growth, strength of competing events, etc., mdg developed innovative digital campaigns to penetrate them cost-effectively. Professionals within the ancillary markets (retail baking, biscuit and cracker, snack, tortilla) were targeted with emails, videos, microsites, social advertising/retargeting and even direct mail that highlighted the companies from within their industries that had already discovered the benefits of the event, the resources on the floor applicable to their area of interest, the education sessions designed for them, etc. International prospects were targeted through digital advertising, emails and a microsite translated into their respective languages. 

IBIE 2010 garnered an unprecedented 39% increase in verified, qualified buyer attendance. International attendance increased to 30% of the total attendance and conference attendance also enjoyed robust growth. In 2013, attendance grew an additional 13%. The 2016 event continued this upward trend with an additional 9% increase in attendance and a sold-out show floor. Since engaging mdg, IBIE has grown from 14,000 attendees to more than 23,000 attendees.

client testimonial

Working with mdg was a true partnership. They took the time to understand our very specific situation and applied unique strategies and tactics aimed at growing our distributor attendance in a consolidating market while seamlessly integrating into our teams’ operations.

Mark Bogdansky, Vice President – Meetings & Events Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week

let’s create afuture together