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mdg’s communications experts help event and association clients achieve critical objectives – increasing exposure, strengthening media relationships, enhancing brands, building community and driving registration and membership – with the right combination of tools, tactics, technologies and communication channels. Services include strategic planning, the execution of holistic communication strategies, crisis management, storytelling, community relations programs, influencer marketing, charitable initiatives and more.

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One of our favorite tactics for extending reach beyond a house database is using the power of social influence. We’ve become adept at helping event and association clients identify influencers within their respective industries and then leveraging their content to add credibility and amplify campaign effectiveness.

mdg  also develops organic social media plans and monthly content calendars to maintain a consistent flow of social content. Social media posts are thoughtfully optimized to reinforce industry thought leadership, reach new audiences and increase overall brand awareness and registration consideration.

And we never forget about the importance of traditional PR for positioning an event or association as a thought leader and maximizing share of voice. PR starts with strategic vision and encompasses holistic communication strategies, crisis management, storytelling, community relations programs, charitable initiatives and more.

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Influencer-Driven B2B Event Attendance: A How-To

Influencers. They’re only helpful for B2C marketers, right? Not quite. While influencer marketing is an oft-used tactic for companies selling a consumer product or lifestyle, it can also be highly effective for event marketers in the B2B space. Fortunately, many of the industries or professions our events serve are full of qualified influencers, many of whom are easily accessible and under our own trade show’s roof. Event organizers who effectively leverage influencer marketing can expect amplified reach and trust in campaign messaging, ultimately acquiring net-new attendees. Here are four ways you can begin event marketing that optimizes the power of influencers.

How Micro-Influencer Marketing Can Play a Role in Any Type of Event

In this episode of GatherGeeks, BizBash founder and chairman David Adler chats with Connor Stewart, the director of social media at mdg, a marketing and public relations agency specializing in audience acquisition for live and online events. Stewart offers case studies of the influencer marketing strategy for B2B events like FABTECH, a trade show for the welding industry—proving that the practice isn’t just for consumer brands and big-level celebrities. The duo gives an overview of why tapping into paid influencers and micro-influencers is so effective for events, and how to find the right partners for your brand. They also do a deep dive into how to execute these new must-use marketing strategies—sharing the processes, tools and measurements needed to justify the expense.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected at Your Live Events

Let’s talk about how to best prepare for the scenario we hope to avoid. Because it’s quite likely that even if you do everything right to prepare for your next event and follow all the health and safety guidelines onsite, you’ll still get the dreaded news — an attendee (or many) tests positive for COVID-19. What happens next? We’ve provided a few recommendations to help you develop a crisis communications plan for this pandemic era.

5 Ways to Use Influencer Marketing to Drive Attendance

Good news and bad news: Fortunately, many of the industries or professions our events serve are teeming with influencers. Unfortunately, the potential to harness their clout to grow audiences is going unrealized. Follow this influencer-marketing advice to cut through promotional clutter, add credibility to your next campaign, and ultimately drive attendance, whether your event is in-person, digital, or a mix of both.

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