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mdg’s PR experts help event and association clients achieve their publicity and communications objectives – increasing exposure, strengthening media relationships, enhancing brands, building community, driving registration and membership and more – with the right combination of tools, tactics and technologies.

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One of our favorite tactics for extending reach beyond a house database is using the power of social influence. We’ve become adept at helping event and association clients identify influencers within their respective industries and then leveraging their content to add credibility and amplify campaign effectiveness.

mdg  also develops organic social media plans and monthly content calendars to maintain a consistent flow of social content. Social media posts are thoughtfully optimized to reinforce industry thought leadership, reach new audiences and increase overall brand awareness and registration consideration.

And we never forget about the importance of traditional PR for positioning an event or association as a thought leader and maximizing share of voice. PR starts with strategic vision and encompasses holistic communication strategies, crisis management, storytelling, community relations programs, charitable initiatives and more.

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Public Relations is Just like a Great Pair of Shoes

The traits that make up a great pair of shoes also make up a great public relations campaign. The perfect PR campaign embodies both form and function, with the on-trend delivery of on-strategy content. While there’s still room in an event marketing plan for the standard press release and reputation management tactics (like there’s still room in the closet for a classic black pump or Italian leather wingtip), it’s becoming increasingly important to stay on top of trends that are at the height of PR fashion. mdg has outlined them in this month’s edition of Inner Circle.

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