Organizers of the triennial NPE plastic exposition announced that, at the NPE2015 Space Draw in Orlando, exhibiting companies committed to 39 percent more booths and 28 percent more exhibit space than at the drawing for the 2012 show. With one year to go before NPE2015, the exhibit space sold thus far already amounts to 91 percent of all space occupied at the 2012 show.

By the close of the NPE2015 Space Draw, exhibitors had committed to 1,054 booths and 853,120 net square feet (79,257 sq.m) of space. Of the two giant halls that make up the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, the West Hall is now sold out, as is 70 percent of the South Hall.

In addition, there are strong indications that considerably more machinery will be shown in operation than at NPE2012. More than 300 exhibitors say they will be running equipment on the exhibit floor, and the number of large booths taken by the close of the NPE2015 Space Draw—235 of them bigger than 1,000 sq.ft. (93 sq.m)—is another signal that a great many machines will be displayed and operated.

“NPE2015 is on course to be a big, bustling, truly great show, with a wealth of discoveries awaiting attendees,” said Gene Sanders, SPI senior vice president of trade shows and conferences. “Much of the sheer dynamism on the exhibit floor will be generated by production-scale equipment operating everywhere, providing many opportunities to encounter new processing technologies in actual use.

International companies also showed up at Space Draw, accounting for 28 percent of the exhibit spaces reserved, led by China, Canada, and Italy. In addition, 14 percent of the companies selecting space were either new to NPE or did not exhibit at the 2012 event.

“Having the turnout we did from our 2012 and international exhibitors, as well as adding 140 new companies to the floor, bodes well for NPE2015, being representative of a very diverse mix of companies supporting the plastics industry”, said Brad Williams, SPI director of trade show marketing and sales. “We are excited to be able to work with so many companies this far in advance to collectively present NPE2015 to the industries that rely on plastics solutions for their marketplace.”

For more information on NPE2015, visit www.npe.org.

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