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Trend Spotting: Real-Time vs. Right-Time Marketing

As event marketers, we are often guilty of focusing so myopically on our own trade show or conference that we forget there’s a whole world spinning around us. As an account strategist, I find it very important to thoughtfully incorporate current events, trends and news into client communications. Here are my Top 10 “Right-Time” MarketingRead More


What Event Marketers Should Know About GDPR

Do you have to abide by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) if your event isn’t based in the European Union? The short answer is, “maybe.” The EU has 750 million citizens and finite resources, making the likelihood small that your event campaign will be investigated and/or prosecuted for a minor perceived infraction. That said, ifRead More

Open Our Emails… PLEASE!!

As event marketers, we know all too well how challenging it is to get an audience to pay attention to emails. Think about the last promotional email you opened. Was it a creative detail that made you stop and pay attention? A clever headline? The sender? A killer offer? Here are four not-so-obvious tips forRead More

Orchestrating a Seamless Prospect Experience

In today’s integrated media landscape an intelligent, omni-channel marketing campaign is critical to ensuring that your tactics are strategically in tune. Here’s our advice for getting your instruments playing in perfect harmony: Step one: Begin your composition An effective omni-channel campaign begins well before you deploy your first tactic. A solid understanding of the big-pictureRead More