Good marketing focuses on the wants and needs of an audience – and a good website brings that philosophy home, providing relevant, easy-to-access information for prospects at various stages of the awareness-to-conversion journey. Our expertise in user experience allows us to effectively bridge the gap between the technical and the strategic to generate registrations, drive meaningful engagement and ultimately achieve better ROI and ROO.


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Read about common user experience misconceptions and how mdg helps to dispel them.

UX, short for user experience, is up there with SEO/SEM and responsive design as one of the trendiest web-related terms in the marketing world. And why not? Good marketing focuses on a specific audience’s wants and needs; UX brings that philosophy to bear online, tapping into the hidden preferences site visitors demonstrate. But with any new wave of information comes misinformation, especially when it relates to a topic as capricious as the internet. Check your expectations about UX against the list of common misconceptions below.

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