Content Marketing

The event industry is no stranger to content marketing. In fact, events themselves are a type of content — a place where attendees come to discover new trends or hot products, hear from thought leaders and innovators, and discuss new approaches to emerging challenges. Bringing those insights off the show floor and into a content marketing campaign has become an increasingly effective strategy for attracting new prospects, generating leads, building engagement and driving retention. 


Most events and associations have plenty of content but struggle applying it effectively in marketing campaigns. Through research and strategic planning, mdg can assess what content formats and topics will be most compelling at each stage of the customer journey.

  • Persona Development

    Personas are composite character sketches of audience segments based on validated commonalities that illuminate how content, content formats and emotional appeals will be received.

  • Buyer Journey Mapping

    By mapping the various stages of the buyer journey, mdg identifies and defines the content that audiences will be actively seeking — from initial awareness through conversion.

  • Content Mapping

    mdg assesses available content and identifies gaps or areas of opportunity. A visual content map is created to provide clear direction that can be applied in a specific campaign.


If a campaign has content gaps, our team of content specialists, copywriters, designers, videographers and coders can help.

  • Editorial Management

    Developing clear editorial guidelines, collaborating with partners and thought leaders, and facilitating content development throughout a campaign.

  • SEO-Optimized Articles

    Attracting organic web traffic through SEO-optimized articles on topics that address an audiences’ unique challenges and opportunities.

  • Lead Generation

    Generating leads and building an email database by offering robust downloadable content through a gated form.

  • Video

    Video is effective for sharing thought leadership, building brand awareness and showcasing testimonials. For more, visit our Video page.

thought leadership

8 Ways to Build Event Awareness with Content

Before prospects will consider attending an event, they must first know it exists. Event marketers looking to grow their databases, build awareness, keep audiences engaged, and ultimately increase attendance should consider the following top-of-funnel ideas for creating and optimizing content.

client testimonial

mdg’s approach to auditing our content and identifying gaps – along with existing audience persona data – was instrumental in our seeing higher levels of engagement with our email campaigns for our 2020 show.

Michelle Kelly, Senior Vice President, Content Development & Marketing NAB