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mdg’s organizational strategists lead executive teams in planning to help identify and prepare for a range of future possibilities. By identifying uncertainties, likelihoods, and existing audience sentiment, we construct a series of scenarios and corresponding processes to plan for the future. Furthermore, we assess change readiness, how a product portfolio will likely need to evolve and advise on ‘big bet’ initiatives and strategic prioritization.

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Working with mdg has turned out to be so much more than just hiring an agency. They truly are our strategic partners, and the work we’ve done together has been a catalyst for evolution within our organization. After bringing in mdg, our entire team is thinking differently about content and programming, year-round engagement with our members, messaging and creative, and data-informed segmentation. This has been a game-changer for our planning process, and not only that, it’s enabled us to pivot quickly during the pandemic and continue serving the unique needs of our cohort. We truly consider mdg to be our strategic partners and cannot thank them enough.

Elise Melendez, Marketing Manager American Marketing Association

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The NASSP Reinvention

On the cusp of its 100th birthday, and with a new executive director and strategic plan in hand, the National Association of Secondary School Principals decided it was time to reimagine itself. One big change: bringing an advertising agency in-house to revamp the organization’s marketing, communications, and public relations efforts.