The NASSP Reinvention

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On the cusp of its 100th birthday, and with a new executive director and strategic plan in hand, the National Association of Secondary School Principals decided it was time to reimagine itself. One big change: bringing an advertising agency in-house to revamp the organization’s marketing, communications, and public relations efforts.

Milestone birthdays can evoke a sense of jubilation. They may also highlight the need for change.

The latter was the case for the National Association of Secondary School Principals as it was approaching its 100th birthday. Although it doesn’t hit the 100-year mark until 2016, NASSP’s anniversary, along with the arrival of a new executive director, served as a catalyst for an organizational overhaul that included an updated brand, website, communications and marketing strategy, and, ultimately, culture.

Specifically, the results of a comprehensive management study, conducted soon after JoAnn Bartoletti came on board as executive director in 2012—as well as the directives of a new strategic plan—highlighted the need for change.