vice president

Caitlin Fox

Even at the tender age of 8, Caitlin could read the writing on the wall: Lemonade’s heyday had come and gone. Thus, she began her marketing career as sole proprietor of the only fresh grapefruit juice stand in the neighborhood. Thanks to the use of innovative thinking, a clear competitive differentiator and a keen understanding of her audience, she enjoyed the sweet (or in this case, sour) taste of success for the first time. In the intervening years, she’s used the same recipe to market conferences and trade shows within a wide range of industries, including healthcare, renewable energy, media, technology, and luxury goods. Now armed with two Master of Business Administration degrees in Marketing and International Business, Caitlin’s tools may be more sophisticated, but her goal is the same: to help clients create and seize opportunities based on market conditions and to stand out in a world of sameness.

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