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Putting Data in the Driver’s Seat

Before you think about the tools, technologies and tactics for your next digital marketing campaign, it’s imperative to quantify performance objectives. Once you’ve set a realistic attendance target, you can then begin to layer in historical data and reasonable assumptions to guide your decision-making process. Learn how mdg is applying this Performance Model framework to successfully plan, budget for, execute and adapt digital marketing campaigns for physical and online events.

Safa Khairy, Director of Digital Marketing, mdg

Safa is a dynamic research and marketing professional with more than 10 years of experience in digital brand strategy, consumer behavior, media consumption insights and campaign management. She started her career in Dubai where she spearheaded data-driven strategies and built research products that drove business results for her clients on the agency side and her departments on the client side (with a focus on the Luxury, retail and FMCG industries).