connect up

In today’s digital age, promoting your event through social media has emerged as a key strategy for fostering organic engagement with your audience. This approach not only allows for authentic interactions but also facilitates the development of long-lasting relationships and connections with your event’s brand. Here are ways you can leverage social media trends to elevate your event promotion and attract attendees.


Unveil what happens behind the curtains.
People enjoy feeling like they’re getting an exclusive peek into the inner workings of your event, whether it’s seeing the setup process, meeting the team or witnessing special preparations. Offering behind-the-scenes glimpses on your social channels is a powerful way to engage your audience and foster trust.


Spotlight members of your community.
Followers appreciate seeing individuals like themselves represented because it helps them relate to your event on a personal level. By showcasing the diverse range of people who attend your event, you’ll not only make your audience feel included — you’ll create a sense of familiarity within your community. This inclusivity can strengthen bonds and encourage greater engagement with your event’s brand.


Depict a day in the life at your event.
What better way to instill FOMO than by showcasing what it’s like being at your event? Offering visual representations of exciting elements — such as keynote speakers, workshops and networking activities — is a powerful way to capture the interest of prospects. Through compelling images and videos, you can provide a glimpse into the dynamic atmosphere and valuable experiences awaiting potential attendees, moving them closer toward registration.


Get your meme on.
Creating memes can add a touch of humor and relatability to your event marketing efforts, humanizing your tone and making your brand more approachable. This trend not only captures attention but also resonates with audiences who appreciate lighthearted and engaging content. By leveraging memes, you can inject personality into your messaging and connect on a more personal level.


Prioritize short-form videos.
There’s no denying the engaging nature of video content, and short-form options hit the event marketing sweet spot. As attention spans become shorter (but scrolling times become longer), short-form videos offer an effective way to capture your audience’s attention and convey your message. Luckily, the widespread adoption of video creation tools and platforms has made it easier than ever for brands to create and share videos.


Embracing the latest social media trends can significantly enhance your marketing efforts and attendee acquisition. By leveraging these strategies, you can create a buzz around your event and tap into more success. So, go ahead, get creative and watch your event reach new heights (and audiences)!