COMVEC™ Digital Summit Celebrated 78% of Registrants as First-Time Attendees

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COMVEC™ Digital Summit
produced by SAE International  |  Sept 15-17, 2020

What made the event campaign a success?

  • A strategic segmentation approach allowed us to highlight relevant event features – including technical content – by audience.
  • Messaging that focused on the travel cost-savings drove 16 percent of all registrations in a single day.

Your most surprising show stat?

  • 78 percent of all registrants were new attendees to the event, and international participation more than doubled.

What advice do you have for producers of similar events?

  • Invest heavily in cold audience targeting at the beginning of the campaign, then transition to warm leads two-weeks out.
  • Avoid ad fatigue by segmenting digital ads by target audience and frequently updating your creative/messaging.

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