As Q1 draws to a close, mdg clients are already seeing increased attendance. The renowned Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held Jan. 9-12, drew over 135,000 attendees and 4,300 exhibitors, including a record 1,400+ startups from around the globe. “The resurgence of CES proves that face-to-face conversations and meetings are a necessity for the technology industry,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of Consumer Technology Association.


Then, World of Concrete (WOC) celebrated its 50th anniversary from Jan. 21-23, gathering nearly 60,000 professionals for a 23% attendance increase from 2023. “Every year, World of Concrete serves as the cornerstone where concrete and masonry professionals exchange knowledge and hone skills that propel businesses forward. We are proud to host the global meeting point that resources the tradespeople who are building the future of America,” said Jackie James, Vice President.


At the same time, Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW) broke records yet again from Jan. 22-25 with 11.8% growth in overall attendance, a sold-out show floor and a notable 47 first-time exhibitors. Michael Callison Jr., President and CEO at Midwest Wheel Companies and HDAW’24 co-chair, said, “The resounding success of HDAW’24, marked by substantial growth, underscores the resilience and forward-thinking spirit of heavy-duty aftermarket professionals. It’s truly gratifying to see our commitment to innovation and collaboration reflected in the record-breaking numbers and vibrant atmosphere of this year’s event.”