mdg Unveils Enhanced Persona Solution

Washington, D.C.—Attendee acquisition agency mdg has launched a multi-level persona offering that effectively blends key behavioral data points with demographic and psychographic profiles to create more accurate characterizations of past, prospective and current event attendees.

Created by Marketing Strategist Shauna Peters and Customer Journey Architect Marc Blumer, the enhanced persona development solution is available in three distinct options: segmented personas, integrated personas and omnichannel personas. Segmented personas are ideal for event organizers who are new to persona-based marketing and/or want assistance identifying basic audience categories and developing targeted messages. Integrated personas are recommended for those ready to take the next step toward a more holistic, responsive approach to persona-based marketing. Finally, omnichannel personas equip organizers with next-practice solutions to optimize, quantify and automate persona-based marketing.

mdg President Kimberly Hardcastle stated, “While most event organizers have an inherent understanding of their audience, it’s usually not based on real data. Blending behavioral information with segmented profiles helps marketers better define not only current attendees, but also future prospects. Furthermore, this technique increases the likelihood of getting the right message to the right individuals at the right point in their customer journeys. Rather than just assuming what kind of content might resonate with whom or when a prospect moves from the awareness stage to action stage, now event marketers can use actual data to truly understand their attendees and what compels them to action.”

Blumer echoed Hardcastle’s sentiments, adding, “What’s exciting about this approach is the ability we now have to assign IP addresses to established personas based on behavioral data. For instance, by simply tracking a user’s journey on your site, we can more accurately gauge which offerings and benefits will most deeply resonate, the segment of the industry they belong to and/or their overall engagement level. Armed with that information, we can serve targeted digital ads that are appropriate for that individual.”

mdg touts its persona offering as the quintessential amalgamation of art and science – accurately aligning timely, relevant content with each phase of the attendee journey. According to Peters, “While persona research itself has been around for a while, the ability to take this truly holistic approach, weaving in the behavioral data, is something no one else in our space is currently offering and a solution we believe will allow us to achieve significantly better campaign metrics for our clients.”

Check out our infographics below on our enhanced persona development strategies, available in three distinct options: segmented personas, integrated personas and omnichannel personas.

Persona: Segmented
Persona: Integrated
Persona: Omnichannel

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