mdg’s Vincent Polito, Rachel Scharmann and Lilia Dashevsky visited lawmakers on Capitol Hill on June 5 for discussions on key issues that impact the event industry’s $91 billion contribution to the U.S. Gross Domestic Product, including investments in transportation infrastructure, renewed funding for Brand USA, and passage of the JOLT Act. Exhibitions Day is an industry platform designed to facilitate face-to-face dialogue and collaboration with members of Congress. Polito, Scharmann and Dashevsky joined forces with clients, colleagues and friends with the goal of educating national leaders about these important issues and the impact of exhibitions and events.

According to Polito, “There were a number of critical issues we needed to directly advocate with Members of Congress. Among them was that transportation-related costs are mounting for mdg clients due to a lack of adequate investment in infrastructure, delaying or even preventing important business opportunities and hobbling growth potential. Trade shows provide an efficient and affordable platform to connect domestic and international buyers and enable expansion into new markets. The ability for potential partners to interact in-person, in a timely manner is a key element to the continued success of trade shows in providing these opportunities. Our conversations with elected officials reinforced our interest in ensuring that legislation considered to further facilitate travel is supported by sitting lawmakers.”

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