You have a vision for your event, your association, your next organizational initiative. Isn’t it about time to bring that vision to life? Leveraging customized solutions that blend your expertise with ours — in strategic planning, digital marketing and creative and tactical execution — we’ll deliver trackable, measurable results that get you to your goals faster. No ambiguity. No wondering whether a tactic is actually working. Just tangible ROI — and a new reality for your organization.


Association Strategy and Marketing

mdg serves its association clients by helping them advance a broad range of objectives. Our approach embraces a shift from a series of siloed offerings to a more holistic audience engagement strategy. Leveraging in-depth knowledge of industries and audiences, we develop and execute communication and marketing plans to increase membership, promote professional certifications and development opportunities, spark engagement, build participation in ancillary events and support sales, sponsorship and revenue objectives.


mdg’s unique brand of event marketing has garnered awards, industry praise and, most importantly, results for our clients. Our creative team consists of passionate, talented copywriters, designers, production artists and digital media specialists who understand the importance of producing strategically-based creative that grabs attention, speaks to the target audience in their own tone of voice (and visual vocabulary) and compels action.

Content Creation and Marketing

Our clients – event producers, non-profit associations, media companies, etc. – are no strangers to content marketing. It’s the nature of our business and, in today’s new reality, an increasingly effective tool for lead generation, engagement and retention objectives. Our approach to content strategy encompasses audience research and buyer journey mapping, content audits, media modeling and more to extend the revenue potential and “shelf-life” of an event, improve SEO, heighten brand recognition and make a demonstrable impact on your business goals.

Digital Marketing

mdg attributes much of its growth (and many client success) over the past decade to the expertise, resources and overall prioritization it has placed on digital marketing. Our team develops strategic marketing plans and tactical components that build awareness, increase engagement, generate a positive brand association, re-envision content or concepts, prompt further consideration, drive visitors back to websites and, ultimately, convert prospects into attendees, exhibitions, sponsors, members or brand loyalists.

Event Strategy and Marketing

The cyclical nature of events evokes a temptation to start thinking about tactics, timelines and costs in relation to what’s been done in the past. The pandemic changed everything, though – the media landscape, the reliability of databases and the needs, wants and concerns of our audiences. mdg is adept at finding solutions that generate response and build participation. Our dedicated team works with clients to thoughtfully and creatively develop event solutions, from strategic planning to performance modeling to tactical execution. Our core competency lies in the ability to seize new opportunities, and execute in a way that achieves positive, measurable outcomes.

International Marketing

mdg’s team of international marketing strategists consists of multi-lingual professionals who have lived, worked, and in many cases, produced events overseas. Our proven process for attracting international audiences to physical and/or online events begins with market research to rank and prioritize countries based on criteria such as past performance and future potential, capital expenditures, ease of doing business, etc. Once priorities are established, mdg will, as appropriate, form alliances and delegations, develop marketing collateral, participate in foreign trade events, execute digital campaigns, manage media relations and provide additional services as part of a broad, fully integrated approach.

Organizational Strategy

mdg’s organizational strategists lead executive teams in scenario planning exercises that will help identify and prepare for a range of future possibilities. By identifying uncertainties, likelihoods, and existing audience sentiment, we construct a series of scenarios and corresponding processes to plan for the future. Furthermore, we assess change readiness, how a product portfolio will likely need to evolve, and advise on ‘big bet’ initiatives and strategic prioritization.


mdg’s communications experts help event and association clients achieve critical objectives – increasing exposure, strengthening media relationships, enhancing brands, building community and driving registration and membership – with the right combination of tools, tactics, technologies and communication channels. Services include strategic planning, the execution of holistic communication strategies, crisis management, storytelling, community relations programs, influencer marketing, charitable initiatives and more.


Over the past decade, mdg has built up its suite of video services, incorporating new tools, technologies and tactics that give our clients a powerful means of communicating a brand story, explaining a value proposition and deepening relationships. Our content marketing specialists use this medium to engage the senses of prospects and tell stories that will entertain, educate, nurture and help achieve membership, attendance, and other organizational KPIs. We use video to improve website SEO; to facilitate social sharing; to boost click-through rates; to move prospects through the path-to-purchase funnel; and to increase conversions.


Good marketing focuses on the wants and needs of an audience – and a good website brings that philosophy home, providing relevant, easy-to-access information for prospects at various stages of the awareness-to-conversion journey. Our expertise in user experience allows us to effectively bridge the gap between the technical and the strategic to generate registrations, drive meaningful engagement and ultimately achieve better ROI and ROO.


It’s very rewarding to work alongside a deep bench of data-driven marketing and digital professionals at mdg. From creative concepts to channel strategy, I have no doubt the success we are seeing in our campaigns is due to our agile ways of working and our highly collaborative partnership.

Michelle Kelly, Senior Vice President, Content Development & Marketing National Association of Broadcasters