Produced by the Association of Uncrewed Vehicles Systems International (AUVSI), AUVSI XPONENTIAL is the largest event focused on the uncrewed vehicle and robotics industry.

As the early visionaries of uncrewed technology, AUVSI has been working for decades to reimagine the way humans work and live. The industry was on the verge of realizing widespread adoption; however, the path forward was rife with uncertainty — especially in the midst of a global pandemic. AUVSI’s annual event, XPONENTIAL, plays a critical role in defining the future of autonomy by providing a place where the global uncrewed community can come together to share key lessons learned in implementation, discuss policy and continue driving adoption across markets. To ensure the pandemic didn’t disrupt this progress, a promotional video served as a call-to-action — empowering the audience to convene (in-person or online) and continue advancing the idea of assured autonomy.