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Use Snapchat to Drive Registration + Engagement

At Social Media Marketing World, a conference dedicated solely to the latest developments in social media, live video was all the rage. But I questioned how it could work for associations and events. Isn’t Snapchat just for tweens? Should mdg clients use a so-new-it’s-unknown platform like Blab? Should events really “go live?” The answers, dear reader, are no, yes, and yes. Here’s how to get into the now and drive registrations (and engagement!) using Snapchat…

In 24 hours this message will self-destruct.
Ok, just joking. But if you’re not familiar with Snapchat, any photo or video posted to your “story” lasts only 24 hours. Then it’s gone. Forever. Snapchat is all about connections in the here and now. Associations and events, particularly those with members/attendees in the 25-45 range, can benefit by tapping into the personal yet ephemeral nature of snaps. Snapchat users engage only with issues and people they care about, and they know that whatever is posted will be gone soon. This #fomo (fear of missing out) makes them more inclined to engage with your content when it’s posted.

A return to the fire sale.
Thank goodness the everything-must-go marketing days are behind us! But Snapchat helps us tap into a sense of urgency when using it to drive some action by our prospects. Many organizations are leveraging the get-it-before-it’s-gone nature of the platform. Picture this: you create an engaging multi-snap story with a promotional code hidden somewhere inside. Members or prospects have to watch the whole snap to find the code! That code can then be entered on your standard registration site or membership enrolment page. Support the campaign by alerting followers on your traditional social channels or with a boosted post. In this way, you see how incorporating Snapchat into your social media marketing budget can drive not only engagement, but also registrations (read: revenue!).

But my members aren’t on Snapchat (& other objections).
Age demographics on Snapchat are different than most expect. According to this super insightful article from Social Media Examiner, there are 35 million active daily users aged 25-54; there’s a good chance some of your prospects are there. If you’re looking to grow younger membership or attendee numbers, there are an additional 37 million active daily Snapchatters aged 18-24. But we need a huge budget to make beautiful videos, you say? Nope! Snapchat is about quick, human interaction. Oh, and if you think the platform is too small to count, think again. Seven billion hours of video are delivered on Snapchat every day. Take away: Snapchat users are diverse, engaged and active!

Change is scary, but ROI isn’t.
Social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk, when asked whether or not brands should fear the latest social media trends, said, “Get in, get your ROI, and get out.” Read: if your members, attendees or prospects are on it, be there, too. It doesn’t matter if Snapchat is still around in five years. Reap the benefits of Snapchat to drive registrations, engagement, and on-site social now. And in five years when the next big thing is here, we’ll talk again.