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Thinking Small for Big Returns


There’s a growing appetite for more customized and curated attendee experiences that create a sense of community and connection. Most event organizers, however, aren’t doing enough to cater to individuals ...Read More

The New Exhibitor Reality


Most event metrics, including overall registration numbers, have been on the upswing in this new post-pandemic normal. The long-term outlook for exhibitors, however, may not be as rosy. Because of ...Read More

Do You Speak Attendee?


Success Starts Here! Content is king! Keep calm and …     

Are your eyes glazing over yet?     

Jargon is pervasive in marketing — and event marketing is no exception. Usually, you know it when ...Read More

4 Ways to Build a Verification Campaign


There’s nothing we love better than early bird registrants for our events. But how do you keep them engaged between registration and opening reception to make sure they actually attend?


If ...Read More

How To Plan for 2023 and Beyond


Fortunately, trade shows and conferences are largely back after the devastating pandemic that forced countless cancellations over the past couple of years. Unfortunately, “back” has been the underlying theme of ...Read More

Event Marketing Resolutions for 2023


With the return of in-person trade shows and conferences, event marketers got back to doing what they love — bringing people together for inspiring, educational and productive experiences. We’re looking ...Read More

8 Ways to Build Event Awareness with Content


Before prospects will consider attending an event, they must first know it exists. Event marketers looking to grow their databases, build awareness, keep audiences engaged and ultimately increase attendance should ...Read More

The Great Reopening


mdg, A Freeman Company and UFI hosted an executive roundtable last month in conjunction with Lippman Connects’ Exhibition & Convention Executives Forum. In case you missed it, here are the ...Read More