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How To Re-Engage Your Global Audience


International travel is coming back—even if it is taking longer than we would like. As vaccination rates climb and many countries ease travel restrictions, now is the ideal time to ...Read More

A New Spin on Audience Engagement

Once upon a time, our world was a much simpler place. Event organizers would hold conferences and trade shows in physical environments, and thousands of people would show up, go ...Read More

Marketing a Virtual Event

While there’s no replacing the face-to-face networking, spontaneous exchange of ideas, commerce potential and overall sensory experience associated with a live event, a virtual event can help corporations, associations, and ...Read More

IBIE’s Recipe for Success

In an era of carb-less diets and constant consolidation, you might wonder how events that serve the grain-based food industry are doing. If the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) is ...Read More

TRENDING: Testimonials

We often talk about the power of storytelling and making emotional connections with our audiences. One event marketing approach that maximizes the power of both of these is using testimonials. ...Read More

Baking a Difference

A consolidating industry. Low-carb diet fads that won’t die. Niche competitors around every corner. That’s whatmdg has been up against since we began marketing the triennial International Baking Industry Exposition ...Read More

Best in Show: SuperZoo!

SuperZoo recently wrapped its largest show in history at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, cementing its place as the largest (in both the number of buyers and exhibitors) pet retail ...Read More

4 Easy Tactics to Avoid No-Shows

Pre-show numbers are looking good … but instead of breathing easy, you’re lying awake at night … worrying about how many of those registrants will actually show up onsite.

Unfortunately, you’re ...Read More