Marketing Strategy

Is Over-Segmentation Hurting Your Marketing?

There are several different ways to approach segmentation, making it important to determine meaningful groups into which to divide your database. This could be based on individual characteristics like geographical location or attendance history. Alternately, you can segment based on targeted messaging when you desire to speak to audiences differently like special offers for pastRead More

Forgetting Everything I Once Knew About Event Marketing

Those of us who have been marketing events over the past decade or two have witnessed transformational shifts in the media landscape. We’ve experienced countless technology disruptions, the rise of a more empowered customer, a collective oversaturation of and immunity to marketing messages, and a never-ending crop of indirect competitors wooing our audiences with newer,Read More

Trend Spotting: Real-Time vs. Right-Time Marketing

As event marketers, we are often guilty of focusing so myopically on our own trade show or conference that we forget there’s a whole world spinning around us. As an account strategist, I find it very important to thoughtfully incorporate current events, trends and news into client communications. Here are my Top 10 “Right-Time” MarketingRead More

Don’t Get Emotional

It’s far too easy, as business-to-business marketers, to forget that we are not, in fact, marketing to businesses. We’re marketing to people—people who have hopes, dreams, fears, ambitions, aspirations and other deep feelings about their careers, industries, professions and livelihoods. When we forget about these emotions, and the ability they have to compel participation atRead More

Predicting the future of events.

CEIR Predict, held September 14–15 in Washington, D.C., attracts senior executives within the exhibition industry for a deep-dive discussion about current economic, political and societal trends with the goal of identifying strategies, tactics, tools and technologies necessary to serve transforming markets. For those of you who weren’t there, I’ve edited and cleaned up my notes for you here…

New Year’s Resolutions for Trade Show Marketers

Trade show professionals are uniquely remarkable individuals – combining expertise in strategic planning, project management and operational execution to flawlessly produce events of great scope and magnitude, year in and year out.

Sharing Knowledge and Making Headlines

At mdg, we love sharing our knowledge. Recognized for thought leadership in event and association marketing, we frequently contribute to articles about best practices in branding, messaging, social media and more.

Our Recap of IAEE’s Expo! Expo!

Last month, the mdg team traveled to Los Angeles for IAEE’s Expo! Expo! to teach, to learn, to meet with industry friends and, in Vinnie’s case, to be recognized with the association’s highest honor, the Pinnacle Award!

Selfies and Silos

It was 2013’s word of the year. Learn about key takeaways from the 2014 ASAE Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference.