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The Power of Content Strategy


Regain Control and Maximize Engagement Amid Uncertainty

Before and after. That line of demarcation separates so much of pre- and post-pandemic life. Pre-pandemic, many of us relied on physical events as ...Read More

Is Over-Segmentation Hurting Your Marketing?

There are several different ways to approach segmentation, making it important to determine meaningful groups into which to divide your database. This could be based on individual characteristics like geographical ...Read More

Don’t Get Emotional

It’s far too easy, as business-to-business marketers, to forget that we are not, in fact, marketing to businesses. We’re marketing to people—people who have hopes, dreams, fears, ambitions, aspirations and ...Read More

Predicting the future of events.

My business partner Vincent Polito and I had the honor of co-chairing CEIR Predict, held September 14–15 in Washington, D.C. The conference attracts senior executives within the exhibition industry for ...Read More

Sharing Knowledge and Making Headlines

At mdg, we love sharing our knowledge. Recognized for thought leadership in event and association marketing, we frequently contribute to articles about best practices in branding, messaging, social media and ...Read More

Our Recap of IAEE’s Expo! Expo!

Last month, the mdg team traveled to Los Angeles for IAEE’s Expo! Expo! to teach, to learn, to meet with industry friends and, in Vinnie’s case, to be recognized with ...Read More

Selfies and Silos

Oxford Dictionaries’ 2013 “word of the year” was selfie: a personal and self-involved act of documenting oneself either for sharing with posterity or simply for one’s own enjoyment. The word ...Read More