AUVSI’s objective was to position its flagship event, XPONENTIAL, as a venue to connect, educate and facilitate commerce and partnerships for the entire unmanned and autonomous ecosystem; and reinforce the content theme of autonomy meets society and its principles of integrating uncrewed and autonomous systems into society in a safe, reliable and consistent manner. The above concept, “Built By”, uses a collection of different elements to tell a story — reinforcing the “cross pollination of ideas,” networking across sectors and learning that what happens at XPONENTIAL drives progress across the uncrewed systems community (and society). “Built By” expands on the very idea that the industry is built by the professionals at XPONENTIAL. It’s through their collective work and innovation that autonomous systems will progress and be more easily integrated into society at scale. The concept positions XPONENTIAL as the platform for different domains, verticals and segments to build the future of autonomous systems — because the future won’t build itself.