Inner Circle

Inspired by Bob Dallmeyer

Kimberly was introduced to Bob Dallmeyer after joining MDG in 2001 and remembers how immediately welcoming he was to someone new to the events business—and how his energy and enthusiasm seemed to rub off on those in his presence. In 2008, MDG launched this monthly newsletter and, after a few months, Bob emailed Kimberly to tell her how much he enjoyed reading it. So, in honor of Bob, this month’s InnerCircle is a reflection on how he taught, inspired and otherwise impacted the lives of industry colleagues and friends.

“Bob showed me why creating and building personal connections are among the most precious gifts we could ever hope to share. He taught me this early in our enduring relationship and I watched, often in amazement, as he routinely extended his friendship, support and humanity to hundreds of people in dozens of nations and in so many ways. This coupled with his wicked sense of humor made him an irresistible and unpredictable force of nature. Among his literary favorites was Oscar Wilde, the cantankerous British author and playwright who Bob was fond of quoting. ‘Always forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them so much,’ was one of the first bits of advice Bob offered to me.”
Steven Hacker, Principle of Bravo Management Group

“Bob inspired me in many ways. As a mentor and friend, Bob’s ability to communicate with a small group or large audience set the standard for how I approach all of my interactions in the business environment. He was always prepared, always open to new information and readily available to share his knowledge and insight. His style was relaxed and conversational. I remember the moment I saw how he resonated with people because of his approach, and I have tried to emulate him ever since. I hope I am able to make him proud as a communicator and a human being.”
Jackie Russo, Vice President, KN Exposervices North America, Kuehne + Nagel, Inc.

“Bob taught me the importance of listening and caring. I sat at many a meal with him where he often made the youngest or the shyest person feel like the most important person in the room. Inevitably, the next time he saw that person, he’d remember some personal tidbit that demonstrated he really did listen and care. I keep this talent in mind often.”
Vinnie Polito, President of VP International

“Bob came out as a gay man long before it was acceptable because he had to be true to himself. He taught me over the years, and even more so recently, to always believe in and be your true self and it is never too late to reinvent yourself.”
Cathy Breden, COO of International Association of Exhibitions and Events

“A trait of Bob’s that I emulate is the ability to perceive and document the basic differences (cultural and practical) regarding how things are done in different countries. He could explain the differences with practical examples that gave his audience confidence that he was talking about the industry from their particular point of view and needs.”
Patricia Farias-Barlow of Farias Global Expos

“Bob’s greatest lessons to me were twofold. First, ‘If you can’t write your idea on the back of a business card, you haven’t got a clear idea.’ With every trade show launch I’ve been through since then, I have thought back to the importance of this clear idea. Second, ‘Success in the events industry is all about engagement.’ Whether it was ‘liking’ EDIT on Facebook, helping newcomers navigate their first Expo! Expo!, or keeping a panel discussion flowing smoothly as moderator, Bob fostered engagement at events, in our industry and our lives.”
Alex d’Archangelo, Show Director of EDIT

In memoriam…
Bob’s family has requested that, in lieu of cards and flowers, anyone wishing to remember Bob send contributions to the IAEE Bob Dallmeyer Education Fund at 12700 Park Central Drive, Suite 308, Dallas, TX 75251.