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The Inner Circle newsletter is our way of sharing with you, our circle, what we’re up to, what we’re learning about and what successes our clients are achieving. Our goal is to produce timely, interesting and thought-provoking content for the greater good of the industry - ultimately creating “A-ha!” moments for association and event marketing professionals.

Here’s a complete listing of Inner Circle topics from the past several years, in case you missed them the first time around or just want to reference them as you plan your next strategic campaign.

Stretch Your Content Further

The event industry is no stranger to content marketing. It’s the nature of our business and therefore not surprising that savvy event organizers are using it for lead generation, engagement and retention objectives. From teasing event-based, new product launches to utilizing session content beyond the show, content marketing can lead to improved SEO, heightened brandRead More

The Role of Diversity and Inclusion in Event Marketing

We spend months selling our exhibitor floor to ensure we have the appropriate breadth and depth of industry suppliers represented. We do the same when it comes to our conferences, seeking out top speakers and thought leaders to spark ideas, guide conversations and deliver relevancy to our events. We identify prospects, build a database andRead More

Fear Not, Event Marketers

As event marketers, we are always in pursuit of that “silver bullet”—the one thing that is going to attract high-profile exhibitors, pack our aisles with quality attendees and ensure our show is an unqualified success. And while no ONE silver bullet exists, there is a mindset that can drastically transform results within an organization: fearlessness.Read More

Generating Attendance with Word-of-Mouth Marketing

I recently heard Daniel Lemin, co-author of Talk Triggers, discuss how and why businesses should create conversation-worthy differentiators as pathways to growth. Cheesecake Factory with its enormous menu, DoubleTree Hotels with its warm chocolate chip cookies upon check-in, and Five Guys with its generous helping of fries are all great examples. But much of the adviceRead More

Strengthen Your Marketing Resolve

Last month, we asked a few of our in-house experts for New Year’s Resolutions that should inspire event marketing campaigns in 2019 and beyond. We’re sharing them with you here and will be tracking our progress throughout the year… “I will leverage more behavioral data.” Marc Blumer, customer journey architect Adapting attendee advertising messages basedRead More

Ready for Launch?!

Several years ago, the executive director of a well-known association was interviewed at an industry event and was asked, “How will you promote and celebrate the 75th anniversary of the organization at your upcoming trade show?” His answer has guided my philosophy for event planning and marketing ever since. Essentially, he said, “We’re not doingRead More

Is Over-Segmentation Hurting Your Marketing?

There are several different ways to approach segmentation, making it important to determine meaningful groups into which to divide your database. This could be based on individual characteristics like geographical location or attendance history. Alternately, you can segment based on targeted messaging when you desire to speak to audiences differently like special offers for pastRead More

Three Tips for Timing International Attendee Marketing Campaigns

Determining when to launch an international marketing effort requires careful consideration of multiple variables, including event frequency and location, industry budgeting practices, visa and other travel requirements, as well as the competitive landscape. mdg’s International Marketing Specialist Anjia Nicolaidis shares three pieces of advice for evaluating these data points and timing international campaigns around aRead More

Less Is More, Even in Email Marketing

Email once dominated the world of event marketing, but crowded inboxes and an increasingly savvy pool of recipients have led many marketers to see diminishing engagement across their email campaigns. With the rise of new digital marketing strategies and the complexities introduced by the General Data Protection Regulation (the infamous GDPR), is it still worthRead More

Applying Emotional Intelligence to Event Marketing

There’s an ongoing debate among psychologists regarding how much of a person’s success in life is a factor of cognitive intelligence (IQ) versus emotional intelligence (EQ). I’ve been reading a lot about the topic lately, and although I haven’t formed a definitive opinion, I have discovered interesting insights about EQ that can help marketing professionalsRead More

Increasing International Attendance through Digital Marketing

Over the past several years U.S. market conditions including consolidation, a changing regulatory environment and other economic factors have impacted attendance at many trade shows and conferences. As a result, some organizers have begun investing more in international marketing as a way to achieve sustained growth for their domestic events. mdg’s International Digital Marketing SpecialistRead More

Forgetting Everything I Once Knew About Event Marketing

Those of us who have been marketing events over the past decade or two have witnessed transformational shifts in the media landscape. We’ve experienced countless technology disruptions, the rise of a more empowered customer, a collective oversaturation of and immunity to marketing messages, and a never-ending crop of indirect competitors wooing our audiences with newer,Read More

Tackling the Digital Transformation for Event Marketers

When it comes to managing digital resources for trade shows and events, there is no one size fits all solution. That was one of the recurring themes from a pre-ECEF panel discussion focusing on common issues arising from the digital transformation. The ever-changing media landscape, including digital tools, teams, and processes, was discussed by …Read More

Design Strategy for Event Marketers

Design thinking isn’t necessarily a new concept, but it’s one that event professionals are employing more regularly to power their organizational strategies. This fusion of design thinking and business strategy, called design strategy, is defining how we relate to our members/attendees, lay out our show floor and incorporate technology into our brand experiences. As theRead More

TRENDING: Testimonials

We often talk about the power of storytelling and making emotional connections with our audiences. One event marketing approach that maximizes the power of both of these is using testimonials. While testimonials have been a stalwart of the event marketing community for years, today—in the age of social media and review sites like Yelp—more credenceRead More

Trend Spotting: Real-Time vs. Right-Time Marketing

As event marketers, we are often guilty of focusing so myopically on our own trade show or conference that we forget there’s a whole world spinning around us. As an account strategist, I find it very important to thoughtfully incorporate current events, trends and news into client communications. Here are my Top 10 “Right-Time” MarketingRead More

What Event Marketers Should Know About GDPR

Do you have to abide by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) if your event isn’t based in the European Union? The short answer is, “maybe.” The EU has 750 million citizens and finite resources, making the likelihood small that your event campaign will be investigated and/or prosecuted for a minor perceived infraction. That said, ifRead More

Open Our Emails… PLEASE!!

As event marketers, we know all too well how challenging it is to get an audience to pay attention to emails. Think about the last promotional email you opened. Was it a creative detail that made you stop and pay attention? A clever headline? The sender? A killer offer? Here are four not-so-obvious tips forRead More

Orchestrating a Seamless Prospect Experience

In today’s integrated media landscape an intelligent, omni-channel marketing campaign is critical to ensuring that your tactics are strategically in tune. Here’s our advice for getting your instruments playing in perfect harmony: Step one: Begin your composition An effective omni-channel campaign begins well before you deploy your first tactic. A solid understanding of the big-pictureRead More

A Pirate’s Guide to Trade Show PaRrgh

When navigating the (often) rough waters of trade show public relations, it’s helpful to have the support of a good crew. mdg’s public relations experts are old salts when it comes to the creation – and execution – of integrated plans that keep events top of mind with trade and mainstream press. Their expert adviceRead More