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Here’s a complete listing of Inner Circle topics from the past several years, in case you missed them the first time around or just want to reference them as you plan your next strategic campaign.

New Year’s Resolutions for Event Marketers


The past year had its share of ups and downs – the vaccine rollout, the delta and omicron variants, the varying degrees of success with digital events, the return of live events. Through it all, event marketers persevered Read More

The Road to Recovery: A presentation in six acts


mdg, A Freeman Company hosted an executive roundtable last month in conjunction with Lippman Connects’ Exhibition & Convention Executives Forum (ECEF). “The Road to Recovery: A presentation in six acts” featured six leaders in their respective fields sharing Read More

Restoring Confidence in Events Through Data


If you feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you, you’re not alone. When in-person events started to roll out this summer after months of virtual experiences, things started to look almost — dare we Read More

The Importance of Images in Event Marketing


The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” underestimates the comparative value of visuals and copy when considering these statistics:

65% of adults are visual learners.1
90% of the information processed by the brain is visual and it only Read More

How To Re-Engage Your Global Audience


International travel is coming back—even if it is taking longer than we would like. As vaccination rates climb and many countries ease travel restrictions, now is the ideal time to get serious about reengaging global attendees. To make Read More

Make Account-Based Marketing Work for Your Next Event


Here’s a bright idea for addressing a potential decrease in your event attendance: focus on quality over quantity. Account-based marketing (ABM) is a business-to-business marketing strategy concentrating resources on a set of target accounts. The approach has long Read More

Using Influencer Marketing to Drive Attendance


Good news and bad news: Fortunately, many of the industries or professions our events serve are teeming with influencers. Unfortunately, the potential to harness their clout to grow audiences is going unrealized. Follow this influencer-marketing advice to cut Read More

The New Rules for Marketing In-Person Events


Over the past decade, event marketers have experienced transformational shifts that have impacted – both positively and negatively – our ability to reach and engage audiences. From the introduction of technological innovations to restrictive data privacy laws to Read More

Planning Your Hybrid Future


The light is shining brightly at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. As organizers are planning a return to in-person events, they are grappling with the role that digital offerings will — or won’t — play in a Read More

The Power of Content Strategy

Before and after. That line of demarcation separates so much of pre- and post-pandemic life. Pre-pandemic, many of us relied on physical events as our primary source of audience engagement and revenue. Post-pandemic, we have to diversify. One method of diversification is harnessing the power of content to fill the gaps left by the pause in live events.Read More

Communication Planning and COVID-19

Now that we have your attention, let’s talk about how to best prepare for the scenario we hope to avoid. Because it’s quite likely that even if you do everything right to prepare for your next event and Read More

Cleaning Up Event Sludge

Behavioral Scientist recently published an article about the concept of sludge—a high level of friction obstructing an individual’s effort to achieve a stated objective. It’s likely that we’ve all experienced sludge in our lives as consumers, whether it Read More

A New Year. A New Approach.

To say that 2020 tested our mettle as event professionals would be a massive understatement. The ways of planning, producing and marketing events were forever changed. With these changes top-of-mind, we asked our in-house specialists about their “new Read More

Predicting the Future of Events


For the past nine months, mdg’s marketing strategists have been researching, reading, experimenting and tracking what’s working and what’s not in the events space. And while we don’t profess to know exactly what the aftermath of the COVID-19 Read More

The Future of Events Hangs with Hybrid


As we wrestle with how to plan for the coming year, we’re realizing that hybrid is not just a contingency plan or a Band-Aid. Incorporating integrated models is a viable business strategy that allows event producers to think Read More

The 5 ‘P’s of Online Event Technology

If you’re still sorting through the (seemingly) infinite number of online event platforms to find the right one, you’re not alone. Evaluating all the promises of enhanced networking, engaging content delivery, facilitated commerce, new sponsorship opportunities and more Read More

Tough Love During Tough Times

Event marketers have been reluctant to accept that the effects of COVID-19 are not only painful and far-reaching, but that they will be long-lasting, as well. As such, many have been hesitant to take the kinds of drastic Read More

8 Lessons Learned From Taking Events Online

For the past several months many event organizers, skilled in producing trade shows and conferences in physical environments, have been navigating the uncharted terrain of digital events. In doing so, they’ve realized the importance of agility, speed, and Read More

A New Spin on Audience Engagement

Once upon a time, our world was a much simpler place. Event organizers would hold conferences and trade shows in physical environments, and thousands of people would show up, go home and then come back the next year Read More

Choose Your Own (Virtual) Adventure


Like everyone else, producers of live conferences and trade shows have had a challenging spring. As such, many are working tirelessly (and well outside their comfort zones) to take their physical events online. Selecting the right technology platform Read More