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Here’s a complete listing of Inner Circle topics from the past several years, in case you missed them the first time around or just want to reference them as you plan your next strategic campaign.

Cleaning Up Event Sludge

Behavioral Scientist recently published an article about the concept of sludge—a high level of friction obstructing an individual’s effort to achieve a stated objective. It’s likely that we’ve all experienced sludge in our lives as consumers, whether it was unintentional (a long checkout line at a retail store or the inability to find the informationRead More

A New Year. A New Approach.

To say that 2020 tested our mettle as event professionals would be a massive understatement. The ways of planning, producing and marketing events were forever changed. With these changes top-of-mind, we asked our in-house specialists about their “new normal” and the resolutions they are making to seize opportunities in the new year.   “I willRead More

Predicting the Future of Events

For the past nine months, mdg’s marketing strategists have been researching, reading, experimenting and tracking what’s working and what’s not in the events space. And while we don’t profess to know exactly what the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic entails, we have developed a keen sense of what’s working in our industry, what’s working inRead More

The Future of Events Hangs with Hybrid

As we wrestle with how to plan for the coming year, we’re realizing that hybrid is not just a contingency plan or a Band-Aid. Incorporating integrated models is a viable business strategy that allows event producers to think beyond their physical events and deliver more holistic, omnichannel engagement—and new revenue streams. Integrated models provide aRead More

The 5 ‘P’s of Online Event Technology

If you’re still sorting through the (seemingly) infinite number of online event platforms to find the right one, you’re not alone. Evaluating all the promises of enhanced networking, engaging content delivery, facilitated commerce, new sponsorship opportunities and more can become a full-time job. At mdg, we’ve developed a process that utilizes 5 “P”s to measureRead More

Tough Love During Tough Times

Event marketers have been reluctant to accept that the effects of COVID-19 are not only painful and far-reaching, but that they will be long-lasting, as well. As such, many have been hesitant to take the kinds of drastic steps that will be necessary to overcome the current challenges—and more importantly, to seize the future opportunities—associatedRead More

8 Lessons Learned From Taking Events Online

For the past several months many event organizers, skilled in producing trade shows and conferences in physical environments, have been navigating the uncharted terrain of digital events. In doing so, they’ve realized the importance of agility, speed, and learning from mistakes (their own and others) in making the in-person to online pivot. According to mdgRead More

A New Spin on Audience Engagement

Once upon a time, our world was a much simpler place. Event organizers would hold conferences and trade shows in physical environments, and thousands of people would show up, go home and then come back the next year (and the next year and the year after that…) to do it all over again. Nowadays, however,Read More

Choose Your Own (Virtual) Adventure

Like everyone else, producers of live conferences and trade shows have had a challenging spring. As such, many are working tirelessly (and well outside their comfort zones) to take their physical events online. Selecting the right technology platform is arguably the first essential step to ensuring a successful live-to-virtual pivot. Let Your Objectives Determine theRead More

How to Reset Your Attendee Acquisition Amidst a Crisis

Over the past couple of months, the world has changed in significant, unprecedented ways. As such, the approach to building live event audiences must change in significant, unprecedented ways. While no one knows exactly what the aftermath of the global COVID-19 pandemic will mean for the events industry, we expect to see two competing sentiments:Read More

Marketing a Virtual Event

While there’s no replacing the face-to-face networking, spontaneous exchange of ideas, commerce potential and overall sensory experience associated with a live event, a virtual event can help corporations, associations, and other organizations achieve valuable business objectives. Virtual events can keep brands top of mind, audiences engaged and can help generate new leads. To create anRead More

Attendee Marketing During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Many event organizers are wondering how their communication strategies should evolve at a time when the appetite for travel and live events seems to be decreasing due to coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns. We’ve provided a few recommendations that could help guide your approach to public relations and marketing here and we stand ready to help. PleaseRead More

Don’t Leave Your Next Event Marketing Campaign to Luck

Given the havoc COVID-19 has wreaked on our industry in recent weeks, you might be feeling like your luck has run out. At mdg, we’re hoping the pent-up demand for events and the commerce they generate will be the rainbow after the storm. Here are some attendee acquisition strategies that can help jump start yourRead More

6 Ideas to Fall in Love With

To commemorate Valentine’s Day, I asked some of mdg’s top event marketers to share the tools, techniques, and new ideas they’re head-over-heels about. Sure, flowers and chocolates are nice, but these attendee acquisition ideas just might spark the passion you need to exponentially grow your next event.   “I like email. I LOVE email narratives.”Read More

IBIE’s Recipe for Success

In an era of carb-less diets and constant consolidation, you might wonder how events that serve the grain-based food industry are doing. If the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) is any indication, organizers in this space are still putting bread on the table. With a strategic, aggressive, multi-channel campaign, IBIE went from a show inRead More

Predicting the Future of Event Marketing

At CEIR Predict in October, a slate of expert speakers from outside of the events business took the stage to present insights about the latest social, consumer, economic and political trends shaping the world around us. Event organizers took note—copious notes, actually—about how to market their events in the face of rapid disruption as well as howRead More

A Great Story Starts With a Clean Car

Organizers of The Car Wash Show set out to achieve three major objectives in 2019: To deliver more qualified attendees to the show floor To enhance an already great show experience To encourage earlier registrations while simultaneously increasing its verified rate Here’s the story of how International Carwash Association (ICA) and mdg accomplished all three.Read More

Is Your Event Ready for Gen Z?

Born between the late 1990s and early 2010s, the oldest members of Gen Z are now in their early 20s, graduating from college, and starting to enter the workforce. While event marketers have long considered how to reach and engage millennials, they’ll soon be turning their attention to this new demographic. mdg Account Manager ChristineRead More

Public Relations Is Just Like a Great Pair of Shoes

Versatility. Style. Fit. Quality. Reliability. The traits that make up a great pair of shoes also make up a great public relations campaign. The perfect PR campaign embodies both form and function, with the on-trend delivery of on-strategy content. While there’s still room in an event marketing plan for the standard press release and reputationRead More

Why “Agile” Is All the Buzz in Event Marketing

Real-time data analysis has become the driving force in digital event marketing, making it more important than ever to remain “agile” in your approach. On the eve of the annual Exhibition and Convention Executives Forum, mdg assembled a panel of experts and industry leaders to discuss real-world examples of how agility breeds success in theRead More