COMVEC™ Digital Summit Celebrated 78% of Registrants as First-Time Attendees

Every month, we round up stories from the online events we’ve helped plan, produce and/or promote, in hopes that you’ll discover insightful advice, creative inspiration and a burning desire to work with mdg on your next event! COMVEC™ Digital Summit produced by SAE International  |  Sept 15-17, 2020 What made the event campaign a success? ARead More

Jacquelyn Wells Offers PCMA Convene Readers Insights on Hybrid

As event organizers wrestle with how to plan for the coming year, many are realizing that hybrid is not just a contingency plan or a Band-Aid. Incorporating integrated models is a viable business strategy that allows event producers to think beyond their physical events and deliver more holistic, omni-channel engagement — and new revenue streams.Read More